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Tammy Spencer

As a business owner, transparency is crucial for me to trust you as a partner. Wide Merchant Group has a portal where you can keep track of your daily withdrawals so you always know where you stand. From there, I can see how many withdrawals are left on my plan, what current balance is, download my account statement and I can access relevant information about my current advance.

Tony Ramirez

I love that I don’t have to wait to have zero balance to get more funds. When I get the text from Wide Merchant, I know that I’m ready to apply for more funds. They fund quick!

Julie Cohen

Wide Merchant understands that due to the nature of my business, my deposits go up and down so when they setup my daily debits, they make sure that they will be comfortable during my slower seasons. The funds from Wide have helped me purchase inventory and hire seasonal help in times where my business peaks.

Andrew Nowicki

The process with Wide is very fast and smooth. I don’t need to provide too much paper work and they fund you quickly. When it’s hectic in my business, I send a text and they respond fast and they’re always friendly and respectful.

John Nguyen

I’ve been using Wide Merchant since 2014 and I strongly recommend their services. Ever since, I’ve used their funds to purchase new tables, buy newer coffee machines and I’ve even remodeled my business.

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